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F‑Secure is trusted by more than 30 million people worldwide. Because for 35 years, we’ve made protecting your family's devices, privacy, identity and online lives easy.

More than 200 global brands trust F‑Secure to keep their customers safe

Online security made easy

  • Free support

  • Secure payment

  • 30-day money-back gurarantee

F-Secure Internet Security

Award-winning antivirus

  • Block viruses and malware

  • Download files and apps safely

  • Safe banking, browsing and shopping

Starting from:49.99/year
Buy nowFree trial
  • Windows

  • Mac

  • iOS

  • Android

F-Secure VPN

Browse privately anywhere

  • Avoid online tracking

  • Join any Wi-Fi hotspot safely

  • Hide your IP address

Starting from:49.99/year
Buy nowFree trial
  • Windows

  • Mac

  • iOS

  • Android

F-Secure ID Protection

Password manager and identity protection

  • Avoid identity theft with alerts

  • Save and access passwords fast

  • 24/7 dark web monitoring

Starting from:49.99/year
Buy nowFree trial
  • Windows

  • Mac

  • iOS

  • Android

Best value and protection

F-Secure Total

Complete online protection

  • Internet security, VPN and ID Protection

  • Protect everything you do online

  • Total peace of mind

Starting from:69.99/year
Buy nowFree trial
  • Windows

  • Mac

  • iOS

  • Android

See what our 30 million customers are saying

The most reliable and versatile information security software on the market, reacts immediately to threats and the notification appears on the screen immediately.

– F‑Secure Total customer

It just seems to work well in the back­ground and F‑Secure have kept my computers safe for many years.

– F-Secure Internet Security Customer

Works and is reliable, just great!

– F-Secure VPN Customer

It's an easy and safe way to save passwords and protect other personal information.

– F-Secure ID Protection Customer

my computer came with f-secure and im very happy with it! comes with a vpn and lots of other stuff as well

– maria @svnflowerhrry I urge everyone to use a password vault, a fairly cheap one on a cheap yearly price can be obtained from @FSecure. I use it daily on PC and mobile. Includes VPN and virus protection. The other method is to use 2-step authentication. Preferably both. Be safe. Bless you.

– Matti Hirvonen @Hiljaa_Tulee

Remember to always protect your internet connections. An easy way to do this is to use a trusted and paid VPN service. I recommend @FSecure's VPN, because it's made by a cybersecurity company, which only purpose is to safeguard the data and privacy of its customers. #InfoSec

– Veli Uotila @VeliUotila


Highly recommended for great value. Sleek design, user-friendly interface, impressive performance.

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F-Secure Total for Mac review

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F-Secure Total is an affordable, powerful, and user-friendly security solution that offers solid protection across multiple devices.

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I’m a tech expert, here are six things you should NEVER share on social media.

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Partners: supercharge your consumer offering today

When it comes to helping our Partners succeed, we’re the experts. That’s because by adding online security to your offering you can:

  • Increase revenue and ARPU

  • Boost customer satisfaction

  • Protect more customers

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Our free tools help you get clarity on your online security, with no strings attached. No joining mailing lists or saving email addresses. Just reliable security tools for you to use whenever.

icon online scanner

F‑Secure Online Scanner

Scan and clean up your PC

icon online shopping checker

F‑Secure Online Shopping Checker

Check if a shopping website is safe to buy from

icon identity theft checker

F‑Secure Identity Theft Checker

Check if your personal details have been leaked in a data breach

See all free tools

Free resources for online safety 1分钟极速赛车开奖官网开奖视频-查询官方开奖历史记录

Whether it’s outsmarting the scammers or staying informed on AI, find out how to avoid risks and stay safe online below.


F‑Secured: Your complete guide to online security in 2024

Explore the cyber security threats facing consumers this year, informed by experts at F‑Secure.


How imposter scams generated billions in one year

From voice cloning and deepfakes to AI-enhanced phishing attempts, learn how to protect your­self from scammers impersonating the people you trust.


What is identity theft?

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft, how to spot the signs of a data breach, and discover what to do if your personal details get exposed.


How to report a scam website fast

Discover how to report a scam website as we reveal five ways to blow the whistle on cyber criminals.


How AI scam calls work

Online criminals have weaponized artificial intelligence to scam their victims. AI voice scams and fake calls are one malicious form of cyber crime.

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