Books read

It’s every book-historian’s dream: a full record of everything, at the very least all the books, a person’s read. I started keeping track in 1997 I think, in a good old fashioned paper notebook, and have kept track online since 2005. The most recent years I haven’t been as diligent sadly, life sometimes got in the way and I’m reading a combination of digital and physical books, making it harder to keep track somehow.

Books read in 2014

  • Ian Kershaw, ‘Hitler’ (****). Well-written, engaging, fascinating. Yet painful and not a page passed where I didn’t wish someone had just shot him.
  • Naomi Steiner, ‘7 Steps to raising a bilingual child’ (***-).
  • Peter York, ‘The Blue Riband: The Piccadilly Line’ (***)
  • Jeffrey Schwartz, ‘You are not your brain’ (****-)
  • Steve Leveen, ‘The Little Guide to your Well-read Life’ (***-)
  • Will Schwalbe, ‘The end of your life book club’ (***)
  • Christopher Morley, ‘The Haunted Bookshop’ (***1/2)
  • Simon Garfield, ‘On the map: why the world looks the way it does’ (***)
  • Robin Sloan, ‘Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore’ (***-)
  • Jane Nelsen et al, ‘Positive Discipline’ (****)

Books read in 2013

  • John Lanchester, ‘What we talk about when we talk about the Tube’ (****-)
  • Brene Brown, ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ (****-)
  • Tracy Beckerman, ‘Lost in Suburbia: a momoir’ (**)
  • Asha Dornfest & Christine Koh, ‘Minimalist Parenting’ (***)
  • Reid Hoffmann & Ben Casnocha, ‘The Start-up of You’ (***)
  • Matthew Amster-Burton, ‘Pretty Good Number One’ (***1/2)
  • Mrs Moneypenny, ‘Mrs Moneypenny’s Careers Advice for Ambitious Women’ (***)
  • Carol Dweck, ‘Mindset’ (****)
  • Ruth Reichl, ‘Comfort me with apples’ (****1/2)
  • Ruth Reichl, ‘Garlic and Sapphires’ (****1/2)

[am pretty sure there are some books missing on here]

Books read in 2012

  • Claire Tomalin, Charles Dickens: A Life (****)
  • Suzan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (***)
  • Peter Ackroyd, Hawksmoor (***+)
  • Sandra Aamodt & Sam Wang, Welcome to your child’s brain (***)
  • Anne Scott, 18 bookshops (***+)
  • Various, Stop what you’re doing and read this (****-)
  • Sonja Lyubomirsky, The How of Happiness (***+)
  • Julian Barnes, A life with books (****)
  • Peter Carey, Wrong about Japan (***)
  • Sara Roahen, Gumbo Tales. Finding my place at the New Orleans Table (****)
  • Linda Furiya, Bento Box in the Heartland. My Japanese girlhood in whitebread America (***+)
  • H.M. van den Brink, Spain body and soul (***+)
  • Margaret Atwood, The Robber Bride (****)
  • Christopher Goto Jones, Modern Japan: a very short introduction (***+)

Books read in 20011

  • Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus (****)
  • Charlie Connolly, Attention All Shipping, a journey around the shipping forecast (***)
  • Oliver Sacks, The Island of the Colourblind (***)
  • Pascal Mercer, The Nighttrain to Lisbon (***)
  • Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, Innovate the Pixar Way (**-)
  • Jason Glaspley with Scott Kveton, From idea to web startup in 21 days: creating (***)
  • Charles Handy, The Search for Meaning (****)
  • Charles Handy, Myself and Other More Important Things (***+)
  • Anna Quindlen, Being Perfect (****)
  • Umair Haque, The New Capitalist Manifesto (***+)
  • Jane Jacobs, The Life and Death of Great American Cities (****)
  • Umberto Eco and Jean-Claude Carriere, This Is Not The End Of The Book (***+)
  • Erlend Loe, Naive.Super.
  • Jonathan Fenby, The Penguin History of Modern China (****)
  • Paul Theroux, Riding the Red Rooster (****)
  • Lewis Buzzbee, The Yellow-lighted Bookshop (***)
  • Peter Sims, Little Bets (***+)
  • Paula Weideger, Venetian Dreaming (***)
  • Johan Wolfgang Goethe, Italian Journey (****+)
  • Andrew Graham Dixon, Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane (***+)
  • Dan and Chip Heath, Switch (***+)
  • Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen (***)
  • Edmund de Waal, The Hare with the Amber Eyes (****)

Books read in 2010

Books read in 2009

Books read in 2008

Books read in 2007

Books read in 2006

Read in 2005 (partial list)

  • Claire Tomalin, Samuel Pepys: The unequalled self ****
  • Iris Murdoch, The sea, the sea, ***andahalf
  • Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale, ***+
  • Charles Handy, The Elephant and the Flea, ***-
  • Ramon Stoppelenburg, Let me stay for a day, ***, see also the website
  • Mira Kirschenbaum, The gift of a year, ***- (read it in Dutch translation)
  • Faith Popcorn, Evelution. The eight truths of marketing to women, **
  • Jack Welch, Jack. Straight from the gut, **andahalf
  • Glenn van Ekeren, 12 Simple Secrets of Happiness at Work, ***andahalf
  • Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the Trilogy of Four, ****-
  • Monica Ali, Brick Lane, in Dutch translation, ***+
  • Steven D. Leavitt and Stephen J. Dubner, Freakonomics, ***
  • Po Bronson, What should I do with my life, *****-
  • Kate Walbert, The gardens of Kyoto, **1/2
  • Martin Seligman, Authentic Happiness, ****-
  • Damien Keown, A very short introduction to Buddhism, ****
  • Herminia Ibarra, Working Identity, ****1/2
  • Michael Ray, The highest goal, ****-
  • What if, Sticky Wisdom, ****1/2
  • Kulananda and Dominic Houlder,Mindfulness and Money. The Buddhist Path of Abundance, ***1/2
  • Rosamund Stone Zander, The art of possibility, ***
  • Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point, ***1/2
  • Michael Ray and Rochelle Meyers,Creativity in Business, ****
  • Robin S. Sharma, Leadership wisdom from the monk who sold his Ferrari, ****-
  • David Starkey, Six Wives. The queens of Henry VIII.***
  • Kim Knott, A very short introduction to Hinduism**1/2
  • Paul Brunton, Search in Secret India***1/2