About me

Hi, my name’s Natasja Giezen-Smith and this is the website I call home online. Welcome! I’m Dutch, currently live in London (a city that has stolen my heart) with my handsome beau and our little kiddo and I like my tea with lots of milk, no sugar thanks. Fully qualified Anglophile, book historian, MBA from LBS and MADS-designer without any practical design skills from Central St Martin’s.

I’ve been blogging since 2004 (first about my journey to get admitted to a top-flight MBA program, then *spoiler alert* what it was like at said MBA, and afterwards about things I notice, love, hate, get excited or inspired by), I collect links on delicious and on pinboard, a bit more formal summary of what I’ve done for a living is on LinkedIn, I occasionally post my photos on Flickr, and I’m addicted to Twitter. Some of the stuff I love eating is on Foodspotting.

If after all this you want to find out even more, follow me on Twitter @divinemissn or drop me a line at firstnamelastname at gmail dot com.

Words that fit me like a glove: love london groenlo books family joy nyc tokyo paris ideas blog rockandroll happiness americana passion beauty purpose dress geek red train delicious chocolate MA collect print venice write restaurant fountainpen beach internet thoughts create jeans breakfast market sketchbook story library drs canada roadtrip identity read wish connection magazine buddha friend fernweh inspiration research city MBA laptop park mind help question tulip blue decadence photos serendipity fifties memory liefde postcard gift art tea design rss gallery twitter museum create walk project enjoy discovery celebrate embroidery thank-you weerkomm’n