A little gift

Last night, I canceled my order of books on Amazon and decided to instead swing by Foyles on the way home to pick up the books I was after. I figure I want Foyles to stay around so I should put my money where my mouth is. 

My beau joined me for a little bit, and then we walked to Tottenham Court Road via Denmark Street, which is where all the guitar/music shops are. All of a sudden, both of us stopped in our tracks. That voice! I’d never heard anything like it. On this street, on a perfectly ordinary Monday night, there was a voice unlike anything I’d ever heard before. It was wafting down the street, seemingly coming from a humble little speaker in a doorway of one of the nightclubs. Wow. 

And that would’ve been that, if it hadn’t been for Shazam. Beau whipped out the phone, fired up Shazam and we figured out that this hauntingly beautiful voice was William Elliott Whitmore. Thanks to Spotify and Youtube we were listening to some of his music once we got home. And wow. 

One of my absolute favourites so far is this performance at Jools Holland (warning, video link to Youtube).  


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