What inspires me

Today we had a lunch’n’learn chat about inspiration and that got me thinking about what inspires me. To keep myself entertained, I thought I’d make a list:

  • London. Things always change, open up, close down, move around, stop working, start doing new things. 
  • My books. I am a passionate collector of books. I try and stick to a few core collections (books about books, books about Americans raving about Paris, books about Venice, travel guides to every destination we go to, psychogeography) but somehow lots of other books seemed to have crept into the flat.
  • Magazines. Love ‘em. Spend probably too much money on them. Amazingly, I find the Netherlands a better magazine country (more variety & diversity in titles, easier to get hold of decent mags) than the UK. I try and regularly pick up titles I otherwise wouldn’t read, just to see what’s in them. My favourite recent finds are a girl surfing magazine, a magazine about slow travel and Lucky Peach. 
  • My friends. My friends never cease to amaze me, surprise me and inspire me.
  • Pushing myself into areas that I’m not sure I can do well. Heck, both the design degree as well as the MBA did wonders for it. There’s something magical about making a new field of study/area of expertise your own. You pull a thread and before you know it, you’re following all kinds of interesting avenues. 

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