We had the good fortune to see a falconer in action over the weekend, and the pic above shows him flying Bella, an owl originally from India. What struck me most about what he explained to us was that Bella, because she’s reared by a 6 foot 3 guy, thinks she’s 6 foot 3 too. So when she’s flying around, she thinks she’s a lot bigger than she really is.

In a weird kinda way, I know what this feels like. Beau probably couldn’t look more dissimilar from me in terms of features (though we’re the same height), yet I’m always surprised when I see pictures of us together: we look nothing alike! In no way. Well, maybe the one thing is that we both have brown eyes. But that’s it. My theory about why this happens is for the same reason Bella the owl thinks she’s 6 foot 3: you think you are what you see around you. 


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