Pot of gold

[Warning: the post up ahead is about money, money, money and shopping. If you find this offensive, do not read beyond the full stop at the end of the sentence.]

Another morning of sorting out practical stuff had me at the local branch of the ABN AMRO bank to close down a surplus bank account I’ve had for ages but never actually did anything with. Got talking to the bloke behind the counter who was closing the account down for me and I enquired about the Master’s loan that I had been so disappointed in a few months ago. Turns out, there are no restrictions (anymore?) for MBA students, so I set up an appointment for tomorrow to go and talk to him in more detail. From what I’ve gathered up to now, there are two snags, 1) the interest rate is higher than HSBC loan and 2) I can only borrow up to 50,000 euros…. not nearly enough. But I’ll see what happens tomorrow, if HSBC will not show me the money, then I might have to use ABN as a (partial) back up.

On a related note (as in both are about money), I went out shopping for some utilities to help me move. Every time I’ve moved up to now the biggest things that irked me were all those loose odds and ends…. stapler and staples, warranties (that I never actually use, but am too scared to throw out), cables for every single appliance I own (and sometimes it feels like I own cables for appliances I don’t own), pictures I want to bring, you know, loose odds and ends. Soooo, I went out and bought see through zip lock bags (which came in pink!) and see through folders, plus some tupperware-style-see-through-boxes to put loose odds and ends in. So far I’m pretty pleased with my efforts… but the proof is in the pudding, or in my case in the move.

PS I’ve got a guy from de Slegte (a national chain which sells remaindered and second hand books) coming in next week to buy my 300-odd books that I can’t keep…. big sigh…. in a way it’s strange to part with books I’ve owned for 10 years, I’ve gotten so used to having ‘em around.


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