Jackpot! Well, almost

I was this close. Literally this close. To taking home 50,000 euros. I went to the ABN AMRO bank this morning and had a chat. Turns out that I’m eligible for their Master’s loan scheme and the guy did a calculation then and there, filled out some details in the computer system (including my school name) and the computer nearly went bezerk. LBS means $$$$$ (or in my case euros, not dollars)! Who would’ve thought after my earlier negative experiences with Dutch banks! The ABN AMRO guy was suitably impressed with the schoolname, he’d done a few of these calculations before but had never seen the computer give back the maximum amount. I didn’t take the loan then and there, I want to wait and see what HSBC comes back with. But it’s a good back up option. And finally there’s a loan I am eligible for, since I don’t have the coveted US co-signor necessary for a lot of loans.

I don’t know if there’s any Dutch people reading this blog, but just in case, I’ve put down the details below:
* Dutch passport
* bachelor’s or doctorandus degree
* evidence of any loans at IBG (dutch government loans) from your undergrad years
* you have to be accepted at school
* you have to be able to show how much tuition will be (easy peasy)
* you have to have an ABN AMRO bank account (which they will arrange for you if you take the loan).

Minimum loan: 5000 euros, maximum 50000 euros, repayment over 10 years which start 24 months after you start. Interest is 8,7% per year. You have to be between 18 and 33 when you start your degree.


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