T minus 3

Three more days… just three more days to pack, unpack and repack. To decide how many pairs of shoes I really need to bring. And how many books. On Monday-morning I’ll take the intercity to Brussels and then transfer onto the Eurostar which’ll take me to Waterloo Station, right in the heart of London. I *LOVE* traveling by train, it’s so much more romantic than plane or car. The pace is different, so much more relaxed. Plus: no weightlimits for luggage :-)

On Tuesday morning the serious work starts: flathunting! I’m meeting one of my two flatmates on Tuesday and then we’ll head out apartment-chasing. LBS has a Portal site for all its students and staff, and on there, there’s a flatshare database for which you can register if your an incoming MBA of MIF student. I ended up meeting flatmate no1 during the Open Weekend and then we decided to have a browse through the flatshare-list where we found flatmate no2 (yes, we’ll have an odd number of people living in the house, so if we get into a fight, we’ll have a majority of people pro or con). We’ve got a clear image of what we want and where want it, and most of all for how much we want it, now let’s just hope we’ll find it!


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