Home sweet home

I hope that I’m not going to jinx it, but we’ve found a place to live in London! Woooohoooo! After 2,5 days of trekking around in a very warm London, seeing lots of places (some of which were eminently unsuitable) and talking to loads of estate agents, we’ve found a place. It’s close to LBS, nicely furnished, has got a great kitchen, nice views over London and very important: we can move in on Tuesday, which works out great. We put down a deposit yesterday, and although the landlady technically can still refuse to have us (which is why I’m a bit afraid to jinx it by writing about it), I’m happy we’ve found a place. One less thing to worry about. Now, next big step is hearing back from HSBC (hopefully sometime next week), and then I’ll be all set!
We’ve been issued with binders detailing the minutiae of the LBS MBA, I’ve secured a locker on campus, and the next few days will be spent raising the cash for the flat, taking care of the paper work that needs sorting out for the flat, enjoying London and catching up with incoming MBAs and friends living in London.


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