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One of the many reason that made LBS so appealing to me, was London itself. ‘The London advantage’ is something that LBS, rightly so I think, prides itself on. One thing that I love especially about London is the wide variety of museums and shops. And of course, me being me, I just have to share these finds with you.
Today I checked out the Marylebone Farmer’s Market (held every Sun from 10 am to 2 pm), which is about a 10 minute walk from our flat. Great produce, ranging from veg and fruit to cheese, bread and cakes. I loved it, I can’t wait to have a kitchen again in which I can cook!
On Marylebone High Street (about a 7 minute stroll away) is Daunt bookstore which is one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve visited in a loooong time. Comes highly recommended (no, I have not bought any books yet, I promised myself that we have to be settled in our flat first).
Divertimenti, a cookware shop, is also located on the High Street, and I look forward to shopping there, maybe after I take a few lessons at Cordon Bleu, which is only a 5 min walk away… ;-)
Next stop was the National Gallery, which is one of my favourite museums, which also has a great shop. I love the way you can search their computer system for your favourite paintings, then have a tour printed out of those paintings. For a small donation you can get an audio guide, and presto pronto: you are your own tour guide! They’ve recently added to MP3 audio tours to their website.
More and more MBA’s are coming onto campus, and now that I’ve been here a week, it’s finally starting to feel like ‘my’ LBS. I’m starting to find my way around campus, and I can’t wait for Orientation to start on the 29th of August.
PS For an overview of what shops are in the Marylebone High Street area, check out this guide.


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