Jackpot! For real this time!

I got some great news today: my application for the HSBC loan has been approved! Woohoo! I don’t know whether to be happy because that means everything’s in place to go to LBS, or sad because that officially makes me a student, and a poor one at that ;-) …. It’s definitely happy! LBS here I come!

Monday at 1 pm my life as a 007-student starts for real with the
start of Orientation. Monday’s for admin-matters (we also find out in which stream and study-group will be), Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent at Lord’s Cricket Ground (see picture on the left) for orientation activities, can’t remember what we’re doing on Thursday [edit 1: I looked it up and it’s official photos and introduction to Career Services], and the week ends with a day of volunteering (which I think is a great idea) for an as yet unknown charity. Busy schedule, I’ll try and blog regularly about how I’m getting on.

[edit 2. Just had a detailed look at next week’s schedule and there’s a bbq, drinks reception, dinner or party every single night from Mon-Fri…. Wooohooo!]



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