Rollercoaster ride

That’s what it feels like, anyway…. like a rollercoaster ride. I feel a bit bumped, bruized and dazed after 2,5 days of Orientation, I must admit.
Alright, I’m going to make an effort to write a logical story, but please bear with me since I’m pretty knackered so I just hope I get everything alright and in the right order.
Monday was the first day of school (I’ve been wanting to write that for some time now ;-), I met up with a fellow blogger for tea and then we headed over to get our stream assignments (I’m not in the same stream as any of the other LBS bloggers I think) and group allocation. My group is like a mini United Nations, the following countries are represented: Iran, US, UK, South Korea, India, Peru, and the Netherlands. They’re all guys and then it’s me, a gal (women are definitely in short supply here)… They seem like really nice blokes though, I’m pretty happy (yes, I am covering my own behind here, just in case… ;-)
Yesterday and today were spent at Lord’s Cricket Ground, where there were a plethora of presentations, tea, handshakes and more presentations. I am in awe… I know, a lot of people are quite cynical about the whole MBA-thing, but I cannot help being as excited as a 6-year old on the first day of school. To think that there are 326 students of 56 nations together in one room… that is mind-boggling. And it’s very humbling. So many people from so many different backgrounds, and most of them have very interesting stories to tell. Yesterday afternoon all the students were grouped into regional groups who then had to prepare a two-minute presentation about them and their countries, which was hilarious and featured rapping Canadians, salsa-dancing Latin-Americans, belly dancing from the Middle East and near-french-kissing by the French. What a great way to learn about my fellow 007s. Being in the UK, most days end in the pub with a pint, and I’m slowly getting my alcohol levels up to scratch again.
I’m pleased to report that fellow bloggers MBAEurope, KV and Al and me see each other regularly and I must say, they are all as nice in person as they are on their blogs (Gaurav, are you out there? I’m keeping my eye out for you but don’t think we’ve met yet).
Tomorrow morning is introduction to Career Services, and then the afternoon off which I’ll spend chasing around London getting various practical matters sorted out. Friday will be spent volunteering with a big party at night. Saturday I’ll try and get Johnny a new F1 key and 
Campus is buzzing with the rumour (which has been confirmed so it’s upgraded from rumour status to fact status) that Jack Welch is visiting. He’ll be here in a couple a weeks’ time (on my birthday!) and *everyone* wants to go. There’ll only be a limited amount of tickets available, though, so not everyone will get to attend. It’s a strange thought though, a year ago I didn’t even know who he was, now I’m quite interested to see what he has to say.
That’s it for today, in a couple of minutes I’m meeting my study-group for dinner.


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