Gone fishing

I am christening this week ‘JOBWEEK’. As a collective year of MBA2007 students, what we will do over the summer seems to be the one question that really matters at this time of the year. Some of us have job offers and poke others’ eyes out, some of us have offers and can’t seem to decide which one to take, some of us haven’t applied for even one job yet (that’ll be me). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m looking to spend my summer lying on the beach, but the kind of jobs I’m after in industry are a bit slower to get started, since a lot of industry-companies don’t know in January if and if so which projects they’ll have in June. I’m working hard at securing a kick-a** internship, I took a competency interview training workshop held by Career Services earlier this week (which was really helpful), I went to the Summer Consulting Team presentation today (interesting stuff) and I’m setting up informational interviews with alums (which is where LBS’s great alum network really comes into its own) and contacts through friends. It’s the long and slow way compared to the Milkround jobs, but I have good hopes my dreamjob will be mine in June. Heck, I’m actually even applying for two positions over the next week ;-)

I’m going fishing for a few days. Well, not literally fishing (I’m waaaay too impatient to actually sit down to fish)(plus I’m a girl and squaemish (spelling?)), but figuratively. I’ve got a good friend coming from the Netherlands to stay with me for a few days and I’m going offline until Sunday to spend some time with her, take some nice photographs and chat to my heart’s content. And as you can tell from the last blogpost, I’m ready for a little downtime. See you guys next week.


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