What is it with OTM and acronyms that even the coursename is an acronym? Here’s an example from a slide from this morning’s lecture (although by no means typical, I think it nicely illustrates the point):

Evolution of process management: from AMS, to SM, MRP, JIT, TPS and Lean Thinking [editor: why hasn’t this last one got an acronym?]

Why the use of acronyms? Is it because of efficiency? The acronyms take less space on a slide. Or is it because of laziness? It’s just easier to use the acronym than type out the full word. I dunno. Someone should do some research on this, I can feel a dissertation coming on :-)

Another thing that I thought about during OTM, completely unrelated, yet I feel compelled to write about it: DIY fruit and my aversion against it. Let me explain. There’s a certain category of food that you can eat with minimal preparation, like say apples or pears. There’s a second category of fruit which requires slightly more preparation, like a banana (needs the outer thing peeled off) or strawberries. And then there’s the DIY fruit. The fruit that takes forever to peel, undo of ugly white bits and cut or chop. I’m talking oranges, kiwis and nectarines or worse, fresh pineapple. And they’re always so messy to eat as well. Needless to say I’m an apple/pear kinda gal (and I adore canned peaches). Or the ready prepped, overpriced, no longer fresh fruit you can buy in the local supermarkets here. So don’t be offended if you offer me anything that falls into the DIY category. I like you. Most likely. I am just too lazy for your fruit. My one big foodie sin. I don’t like DIY fruit.

One thing that my odd-news radar picked up today: an article about a group of Singaporean students that claim they can make a plant that lights up when it needs water. Now that’s a useful invention!

PS The picture top left has nothing to do with this post, it’s shameless and utterly pointless self promotion since it’s a photo that I shot last weekend.


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