For sale

I dunno why, but marketing is usually a rich hunting ground for me when it comes to blogpost ideas and today was no exception. We were talking about advertising and positioning statements and it dawned on me that you could use that exact same model when selling yourself (ehm, I mean, hunt for an internship)(it just dawned on me that it also works when writing essays for the MBA… I love models I can apply everywhere. Sorry. It’s the consultant in me). Here it goes:

1. Define the target market. In career/mba-speak this translates into: What industry do you want to work in? And specific companies? What MBA schools are you targeting? And once you know that: who will be your audience reading your application, or doing the interview.

2. Find your point of differentiation. Translation: make them want you, because you offer something that no one else offers AND you can articulate what the something is.

3. What image do you want to project? Translation: what do you want them to think of you? Any particular things you want to highlight or hide?

Useful stuff, but too late for the very first internship application that I sent out this morning, to be closely followed by another one tomorrow. I’m following my own advice (see Fools in Love) and am only applying for jobs that I’ve got my heart set on. Keep your fingers crossed!

Alright, enough procrastination, back to our Decision and Risk Analysis assignment or else Al, my DRA partner-in-crime, will kill me.


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