Irony of ironies

[I wrote part of this post last night, and somehow didn’t have the guts to press ‘publish’. So I slept on it for a night, and decided I do want to publish this, even if it is only because of the great pic that I found. And even though it is one long rant. So if your tolerance for rants or whining is low, you should probably skip the next paragraph.]

For someone who loves to write and normally has no problems whatsoever coming up with story ideas and then crafting a nice couple of paragraphs for this blog, it’s remarkable how much I struggle with my cover letters for internship applications. I get caught in this official job-seeker language and I can’t make the letter reflect me or my personality . Isn’t that odd? The pinnacle of saying-nothing-using-a-lot-of-words is ‘I have excellent analytical and communication skills’, which is such a hollow phrase it makes me cringe. Anyone can say that. In fact, mentioning you have great communication skills but then writing a crappy cover letter sorta contradict each other. When my writing matters (for example to get an interview), I struggle to deliver something I’m happy with. And then I start to procrastinate. In fact, you could argue that this whole blog is one big excercise in egotistical procrastination from my side.

[so much for the bit I wrote last night, here’s the addition from today.]
OK, so it wasn’t quite that bad. I slept on my letter, and today the world looks much brighter. And I scrapped the analytical/communication skills sentence. And sent the cover letter in. So now I’m typing with my fingers crossed.

Today is also the day on which the decisions for the exchange schools come out. I applied to three schools, and I’m hoping to get one of them (although I couldn’t choose between the three, so I’m quite happy to let someone else make that choice for me). From what I know, a third of the class usually goes on exchange and most people get one of their three schools they applied for. And yeah, I’m kinda nervous. Because I’m so excited about all three schools I applied for. I feel like I tell you guys yet which ones I applied for, I don’t wanna jinx it. But as soon as I find out, I’ll post about it.

[edit 1. Right after I posted this, I found this incredibly cool job post (too bad I suck at making videos). Diesel is looking for a junior lucky bastard. What would you do as a lucky bastard?
‘This year 55DSL is offering an exciting opportunity to two unique individuals. This job involves traveling around the world for 55 days looking for the best our little blue planet has to offer. We want to see you running with bulls, swimming with dolphins, drinking with strangers and generally enjoying life to it’s fullest.’

end of edit 1].


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