Bright Lights, Big City

NEW YORK CITY!!!! After a whole day of anxious email refreshing, late yesterday afternoon came the news: I’ve been offered a spot on the exchange with NYU’s Stern School of Business! Yippie! I’m going to live in New York for three months :-). The first book I ever bought was a Berlitz travelguide to New York, so I’ll try and dig that up from the mountain of boxes in my parents’ attic and take that with me. New York, baby, here I come! I’m so excited, I was literally jumping up and down. Now I’ll have to decide when I’ll go: autumn or winter, depending on when which courses are taught where and if I can bring myself to spend time in a fr**king cold NYC winter.
Congrats go out to RsR too, he’s got a place at Columbia, well done my man!

Another piece of trememdous news is the B I got in Finance. For some people that might be somewhat disconcerting, not to get an A, but for dedicated followers of this blog, you know how much I struggled with Finance (see here and here). So I’m so glad I made it in one piece!

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a weird and strangely cosmpolitan day. With my application for a dream internship due (tick), waiting for the exchange results to come out (tick), doing a lot of research for our next assignment on the Adventures in Management Innovation course (tick), doing a lot of research for my upcoming Paris trip (8 days and counting down) (tick), going grocery shopping in the Japanese Store on Piccadilly with a Japanese friend (tick) and going out for dinner at an Iranian restaurant with my studygroup to catch up (and hearing that some of them have secured great jobs: congrats guys, I’m so proud of you! For those not so lucky: the best is yet to come) (tick) it was kinda cosmopolitan. I think I touched, experienced and was exposed to at least half of the United Nations countries yesterday and I spoke four different languages (one of them, Japanese, poorly). What’s that saying again? ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and it’s true!


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