What do these have in common?

Quick popquiz: What do a Big Mac, Tsjernobyl, the Magic Bullit, photochemical oxidant formulation and milk in a bottle have in common?

A. Nothing, you’re hallucinating
B. There are all excellent examples of something that I don’t like
C. They were all discussed in an OTM lecture

I was going to do this really clever thing where you have to turn the page upside down to read the answers, like they do in magazines, but I have no idea how to make that work (or better yet, I’m too lazy to put in the time to figure it out). So I’ll just let you guys guess, and post the answer next time. Although, that’s kinda lame. And knowing my memory, I’ll probably forget. OK, so the answer is C. What can I say? It was an ahum… interesting lecture.

This is our last week of the second term, which means we’re 2/3 of the way through our first year. Time flies when you’re having fun ;-). Tomorrow we’ve got our final assignment for Marketing due (no exam for that subject), and this Saturday sees our final two exams for this term: Decision and Risk Analysis (aka Excel for geeks)(good thing I’m a bit of a geek), and Operations and Technology Management. And I’ve been too busy working on the Marketing assignment to really start studying, so that means I’ll have to work a little bit harder the rest of the week.

I think I’m not the only person who’s already mentally halfway on spring break (starting this Sunday, a whole two weeks!), there are trips being organised to Peru, Japan, a sailing trip to Guadaloupe, a trip to West-Africa, and many more that I haven’t even heard about. Hope everyone comes back safely with tons of pictures!


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