Paris part deux

Il pleut en Paris. [translation: it rains in Paris] Somehow, being surrounded by all these native French speakers, my secondary school French (the full six years of it) is coming back and I can get by reasonably well shopping and getting into museums. Apparently, I look so Parisian that some American tourists asked me the way in their best French… they were quite surprised I answered in fluent English with an English accent.

My love affair with Paris is continuing. What is there not to love (except for the weather)? I went to the Musee National des Arts Asiatiques-Guimet and was very impressed, both with the building which is very light, airy and feels serene and with the collection of Asian art and the large amount of buddhas. The audio guide was good, but to my taste there were too few items that were covered. On the way to and from I did some shopping at some of Paris’ excellent food markets, which offer some delectable foodstuffs. Later on this week the Quartier Latin is on the schedule, and the Marais, and to finish off some more Louvre. Ah, Paris mon amour :-)


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