Au revoir

Au revoir crepes. Au revoir Louvre. Au revoir yummie croissants. Au revoir strolling in the rain (ok, so maybe that’s one thing I won’t miss. And I don’t have to miss it, it’s raining in London too!). I had a blast in Paris, visited too many bookshops (although I didn’t buy a lot, I kept on thinking about the fact that this year alone I’ll have to move twice), museums and chocolate shops and was fascinated by Fashion TV (we don’t even have a telly in our house).

I’m back in London for two days, and this Wednesday I’m off to my parents til Sunday (can’t wait!). I haven’t seen them in three months and I can’t wait to catch up, give them a big hug and eat some of my mum’s fabulous food. Three months without a visit to parents also means I haven’t had a haircut in three months and I can’t wait to fly over to get that hair out of my face and get it dyed again.

Next week’s the start of the last term from our first year and our final set of core courses. We’ve got Markstrat (marketing simulation) for the first five weeks, and the full ten weeks of Information Management, Management Accounting and Macro-economics. On top of that, I’m also taking two electives, Understanding Entrpreneurial Management and Advanced Marketing Strategy. So I guess I’ll have my work cut out for me next term.

Last Friday the R2 admits came out, and I want to send my warmest congrats to all the admits: well done gals and guys! Speaking of R2 admits, there’s a new LBS blogger on the block, give a big hand to EHFM :-)

PS Sadly enough, I didn’t get through the lottery for the Clinton speech… but I’ve got a friend who’s going and who might be a guest-blogger to report on the speech.

PS2 I want to share a couple more pics of my trip (all taken with mobile phone, apologies for the quality):Pantheon [edit: taken on the one morning the sun was shining]Dutch bar in the Marais (see the Grolsch bottles? That’s from my hometown!)
Well, this is ONE way of selling chocolate…(7.70 euros per 100 grams)

PS 3 I’ve started writing at length about my recent travel and food experiences on a separate blog for those interested in more detail, click here.


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