Snake Vodka

I knew there was something missing in my life. And I’m not talking about a rich husband, my dream internship or straight A’s in b-school (although heaven knows I would love to have all/one/a combination of these too!). No, the thing that is missing from my life is snake vodka. And it’s sold at where else but Selfridges. Which has also started selling the most expensive sandwich in London, about which I blogged here, at 85 pounds a piece. You gotta love a shop that sells snake vodka (if you look carefully you can see the snake in the bottle on the photo) and 85 quid sandwiches. I wonder if that combination works well, alcoholic snake with wagyu beef?

I’m happy to report I got in to the Richard Branson lecture and will post a report on this blog.

The one course that so far has really got my juices flowing this term is Understanding Entrepreneurial Management. After some trials and tribulations regarding defecting team members I’m happy to report I’ve definitely got my team together and we’re pursuing an idea which I think is interesting, although I feel it’s too soon to disclose it here yet. But in due course I probably will. We’re trying to develop an idea to the point where you can make it into a business plan, and I was pretty optimistic, til this morning in the shower (how come my ideas always come to me in the shower?) I thought of a problem that might undermine the cashflows. So maybe I should’ve paid more attention in Finance!

For our UEM projects, I’m setting up a digital meeting place, and 37signals have got just the set of tools I need. For a previous project I’ve used their Basecamp, an online project management tool, and for this one I’m thinking of using the Campfire application, which offers a web-based group chat room and room to upload files. For my own to do lists I use their Backpack application, which came in especially handy when trying to organize information for moving to the UK. The best thing is that you can share pages, so for instance my housemates and me shared a page of flats we liked the look off and addresses of estate agents before we starting flathunting; everyone could read the page and contribute, without it having to be sent round in an email again and again. This is what online applications should do: be useful, well designed and easy to use.


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