Afb012[picture on the left is for MBAEurope, I couldn’t find the scorpio vodka picture, but I did find this picture, of scorpio lollipops.]

One more good night’s sleep and then it’s time for Richard Branson. I’m looking forward to it, to find out if he’s as magnetic as people say he is. I’ll report back on how it was.

This Wednesday is the first Organic Milkround at London Business School, which is a Milkround (def: companies coming onto campus wooing you with slick powerpoint slide decks and hors d’oeuvres) for people wanting Sustainable Careers, organized by our Netimpact club. They’ve got a good line up, including Anita Roddick, an organic Careers Fair and the whole thing is sponsored by KPMG. Also on Wednesday is a Job Strategy Workshop at lunchtime, which I’m signed up for, and will report back on.

I’ve had people ask me what the best preparation is before you start the MBA and my answer is always to not fret about it too much. Keep up with what’s happening in business by reading the newspapers and magazines such as Businessweek and Economist if you can, spend time with your family and friends (you won’t have too much time in the early stages of your MBA to do that), save a little money if you can (or alternatively travel as much as you can, depending on your preferences and how big your pockets are). However, if you do want to do some pre-course reading, have a look at the Personal MBA website. It’s a list of books, which if you read them all, should give you a good overview of stuff that’s covered in an MBA. It’s my experience that although the list covers some stuff, it doesn’t cover all of it, and especially not the most worthwile moments in an MBA: the extracurricular stuff. But it’s a great way to start prepping, or finding out what material an MBA covers (and a great way for me to add even more books to my ‘want to read’ list… as if that needed adding to ;-).

At the moment I’m reading Hugh Hewitt’s Blog, and I must admit I’m not impressed (maybe I shouldn’t have read it after Naked Conversations, which I liked and set the standard for books about blogs). At all. He sounds like an old uncle at a family party, banging on about the same thing time and time again, doesn’t listen to what anyone else says, and uses anything and everything to support his point. Not impressed. So now I’m thinking of whether I should abandon the book or finish it. I’m about 2/3 of the way through and it’s not my habit to put down a book once I start it, but this one I really don’t like. But I don’t want to give in yet. You never know. There might be a nugget of pure gold in there somewhere.


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