And the winner is (part 2)…

Clear Admit BoB I never win anything, nor the lottery (but maybe that’s cause I don’t play ;-), nor any contest, prize-draw or survey prize. But I won something yesterday: a Best of Blogging award (and it looks kinda like an Oscar to me!), for being one of the best 10 MBA student blogs around (and a special mention for being the most useful resource for applicants…). Clear Admit, a ‘educational counseling service’, have a very informational blog with useful tips for applicants, and a wiki (something that I’m really interested in, and I think it’s cool they have one). It was kinda weird not blogging about this competition or company before, but I felt I didn’t want to influence the vote.

The Guardian has dubbed this week Food Week and every day they’re running different food related stories. Today they’ve put together a list (or better said: they asked for comments from readers on their blog and then picked a list of 50, what a great way to do research!) of 50 Healthy Fast Food joints in the UK. Seeing that most of the MBA students go through phases of unhealthy fast food eating (ah, let’s face it, some students never leave this phase) I thought I’d put it in here. Might come in useful.

[edit 1: completely forgot. I’m such an idiot sometimes. Congrats to all the other BoB prizewinners!]


6 thoughts on “And the winner is (part 2)…

  1. Well deserved prize! Your blog rocks!
    And if you want to set up your own wiki it is a very funny and simple thing to do. I have set up 4 of them for different projects so far and they are a very powerful tool for collaborative writting or for writing your own website. Wikis combine the online-easy-to-edit approach of blogs with a more traditional structure of pages like a conventional website.
    Send me an email if you want to set up one. Whether it might be the LBS wiki for applicants or students or the foodie directory of London. ;)

  2. Patxi, great idea. I think a wiki for LBS students will be a great and very useful project. Everything from where to live, where to eat, what classes to take for certain topics etc…
    possibilities are endless.

  3. Forrest, Simba, Angelangie: thanks guys!
    Patxi and Moe: I’ve used wikis before to work with people and have found them moderately useful. It works, but as long as people keep on contributing. If you’re setting up a wiki for applicants or a foodie directory (what a fab idea!!!!), I’m game!

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