From one event to the other: MBAT

Afb0102The campus has barely recovered from hosting the 2008s for the Admit Weekend or the prep for the next big thing is going on: MBAT. MBAT is the Olympics for MBA’s and there’ll be 400 athletes and supporters there from LBS (not me I’m afraid). Yesterday, as I was finishing up some work in the MBasement, they were handing out the sportsbags and clothes for the participants. Besides the usual suspects of t-shirts, baseballcap, poloshirt and jacket, there were also red plastic fake thingy wigs (look at the pictures to see what I mean). Ahum. Anyway, I hope everyone who’s there will have a blast, and guys and gals: bring back the cup to LBS!!!!! Go team!

Afb0113I’m taking the weekend off (well, more or less) this weekend. My brother is coming over, as well as friends of mine, and I look forward to what promises to be the last relatively quiet weekend in a while.

Last night I went to a talk organised by the Marketing Club, hosting Martin Roll, whose new book Asian Brand Strategy just came out (and it’s linked to a really nice blog, to be found here). I really liked his talk, it was good to hear about Asian perspectives instead of what we’re used to talking about: US and Europe. He mentioned a number of Asian brand examples I’d never heard off, such as Banyan Tree resorts, Vivienne Tam and Jim Thompson, instantly sparking the desire to travel there. Maybe I’ll follow Karibu’s example and head over after I graduate! I have long to go back to Japan and see more of it, and I want to visit India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodhia and China (preferably before the 2008 Olympics hit Beijing). The Forbidden City is calling me!


5 thoughts on “From one event to the other: MBAT

  1. DMN,
    First off, I love your blog. Your post on RSS feeds actually got me to check it out and I am now a fanatic convert. I have no idea how I lived without bloglines. Many thanks.
    As to your desire to travel. Our program requires you to do a semester abroad if you have not already, so I’ll be in Tokyo next fall. Since school starts later there several of us are headed to Thailand for a few weeks on the beach in August and then are going to trek through Laos (Luang Prabang) Cambodia and Vietnam before heading to Japan for school. I’ll have pics and posts on my blog,
    Oh and during the semester Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are on the agenda. Now I just need to find a proper summer job so I can afford all these things!
    P.S. I actually applied to LBS and got dinged. I almost considered waiting a year and applying again because I loved the campus, location and curriculum so much but I’m a bit older than the average student so I decided to jump this year instead of waiting.

  2. Oh Jeff, now I’m both blushing and jealous at the same time! I’ll add your blog to my RSS feeds to keep an eye on the pics of SE Asia. Watch out with Bloglines, it can get addictive, I really need to cut my feedlist down to below 200…. ;-)

  3. Read your blog again after ages!
    love the 1001 things to do before i die…gotta do the same..
    PS: took a pilates class …was really i was the only bloke there! strange?

  4. I’m only up to 50 feeds so far. I’ll try to keep is as low as possible. I can see where time saving aspect wouldn’t work so well if I quadruple the number of blogs I’m looking at.
    Looks like I’ll be in Thailand starting August 25th or so so you should start seeing things around then.

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