Done a runner

Afb0012Well, not really, although this afternoon I felt like doing a runner (window display on the left is from Selfridges), I’ve been so busy and I just got fed up with it. So what did I do? Get a peptalk from Al (again, he’s becoming my resident shrink), and go shopping. Well, actually the shopping was on the agenda anyway, I’ve got a company presentation tomorrow and needed a pair of new shoes. We’re in our final two weeks of the first year and this Saturday we have a Information Management final followed by the Asian night (think sumowrestling meets karaoke, it should be a blast and I can’t wait) and next week Saturday the Management Accounting final. And then it’s off into the working world again (well, not yet for me, I haven’t accepted an internship offer yet).

I heard the MBAT guys and gals had a blast and best of all: they brought back the trophy to LBS! See the other 2007/6 blogs for more information (blogroll on the left, sorry, I’m lazy today).

Slowly but surely I’m also prepping for my second year. I’m trying to squeeze everything out of the elective portfolio. The idea is to go for equal measures of inspiration (design and innovation courses, and Creativity and Personal Mastery, more about that course soon) and practical application (how to write a marketing strategy, how to execute this strategy, how to write a business plan, negotiation skills etc) and I don’t have enough room in my portfolio! The second item on the second-year-to-do list is to get my paperwork fixed for my autumn stay at Stern in New York, with visa applications in the works, and my measly transcript accompanied by a horribly picture is on its way to NYC. Can anyone recommend a great burger place AND the best place to get cheesecake in New York?


11 thoughts on “Done a runner

  1. I like the burgers from Burger Joint and the mini cheese burgers from Faces and Names.
    As for Cheesecake the original Junior in Brooklyn is great and I think they are opening a store in Times Square which makes it a bit more accessible.

  2. Moe: thanks man!
    Jeff: I have to report for duty on Sept 1st. Thanks for the tips, the slideshow is making me hungry!

  3. The burger place in the Parker Meridien (W 57th) is amazing (I forget name–may be called the Burger Joint–as Moe named above), and best breakfast in the city is also here called Norma’s. It’s pricey but worth it!

  4. Wheels, yes, it’s in the Parker Meridien. I used to go for lunch there when I worked in that area. Faces and names is close by also, opposite of the hilton hotel. The mini burgers rock expecially when consuming sizeable amount of alcohol.

  5. Found your blog as a referring site in stats thought I would pop over for a look see.
    What does “done a runner” mean? Forgive my ignorance, typical of us Iowa boys.
    I see you are taking some practical courses. Have you read, “The Answer to How is Yes” by Peter Block? You might like it.
    Fun blog – wish they’d these when I was in grad school!

  6. “Done a runner”? It took me 2 searches to discover the meaning!
    For Michael’s information, it means walking away without paying in a store. See
    I was laughing very hard. If anyone is interested on its Spanish equivalent, we call it a “hacer un sinpa”, make a sinpa, where sinpa is an abbreviation ad hoc for “sin pagar”, “without paying”.

  7. “Creativity and Personal Mastery”: I am already looking forward to read more about the course. It sound really interesting and even zen-like.
    As always, thanks for blogging!
    PS: So you will *not* be around when I arrive to school? Pity! Bummer! What are you doing for the summer?

  8. Thanks Patxi – much appreciated.
    And I’m with you, “Creativity and Personal Mastery” does sound great. Personal Mastery was the 1st of Senge’s 5 Disciplines.
    Makes me wish I was back in school again. And London would be great with or without classes.

  9. Wheels and Moe: i can taste the burgers already ;-)
    Michael: apologies for my tardy reply. Great to virtually meet you. Have put the book on my to-read list and Patxi has been explaining doing a runner ;-)
    P: thanks for the link! I won’t be around to see you guys come in, I’ll probably leave shortly before that. But if you’re here mid-August, I’ll still be around probably (depending on the internship). Will post more on the CPM course in my next post.

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