All good things come to an end

Afb0251The LBS community has a very special new blogger on the block, check out Thomas’s blog here. Welcome, Thomas, I hope your stay at LBS is very enjoyable!

This is the last week of my first year. Seven more lectures, one more exam, one take-home exam, one final feasibility study and presentation, plus marketing audit and I’m done (I’m taking Advanced Marketing Strategy this term, and thus technically this not my last week, I’ve got two more days of lectures on June 16th and 30th).

I’ve been a bit lax in posting lately, and will try and make up in this post (so apologies in advance for the length).

Afb037Last night, the social clubs at LBS that hail from Asia got together to organize the Asia Night. The weather was fabulous, so we were lucky to enjoy tasty Chinese, Japanese, Philipino and Korean food outside as we were watching the martial arts demonstrations and the sumo-wrestling. 16 of the most intrepid students had signed up to be hauled into giant plastic sumo-suits and battle it out. It was hilarious, I can’t remember when I laughed this much recently.

Today I worked amongst others on my electives (something I touched on in my previous post). Topics I’m interested in learning more about are Negotiation (I’m notoriously bad at this), Entrepreneurship (esp. writing business plans) and Marketing (brand management and marketing strategy). My shortlist of courses at Stern includes Negotiation, Entrepreneurial Selling (no such course exists at LBS), Innovation and Design and Advertising Management. At LBS the shortlist includes:
* Brand Management. Mark Ritson, the professor who teaches this course, is a living legend.
* Creativity and Personal Mastery, more on that below.
* Product Innovation. Prof George Day flies in from Wharton to teach this course
* Implementing Marketing Strategies, for the practical implementation of the course I’m currently taking (Advanced Marketing Strategy)
* New Venture Development. Prof Bates is the entrepreneurship-guru, and he’ll teach me how to write an ace businessplan.
* Strategic Innovation. Prof Markides is one of the star-faculty, and I’d love to take his course, but I’m running out of credits :-( Maybe I can audit this one.
Other courses I would love to take include Managing the Growing Business, The Unstoppable Growth of Branding (Wally Olins is teaching), Managing Corporate Turnarounds and Marketing Communication. Maybe in a next life…

Futureguru has written an interesting post on the CPM course, and I am definitely applying for this course. Talking to alumns, they all said they wished they’d taken more "soft" courses, and I reckon this course could be the ride of a lifetime. In order to get into the course, you have to write 7 essays, which I’m working on now.

No tidings on an internship yet. I had two interviews last week, and one more tomorrow morning. One of my interviews last week has resulted in a very interesting part-time project over the summer, writing a business plan and marketing strategy for a creative venture. I’m so excited, ’cause this is exactly what I went to b-school for!


2 thoughts on “All good things come to an end

  1. Good news about this part-time project! :)
    And good luck on course choosing and applying… and I thought essays would end the moment you enter business school! :)

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