Serendipity out the window

Afb036Random thought I had just now (in Managment Accounting, honestly, I don’t know why, cause this has little to do with MA). With all this content nowadays you can pull in, and can tailor to your own needs, does that give us a lack of serendipity? You know, you pick up a magazine, flick through it, and all of a sudden you find an article that is talking about exactly your problem. But you weren’t actively looking for it. Serendipity. You run into a person in the hallway, who then turns out to know someone that needs an intern and you turn out to get the job. Serendipity. Are we losing it? With increased efficiency, with more and more pull models of getting content, are we losing our capacity for letting serendipity happen? If you just read the RSS feeds that you subscribe to, are you losing out on accidentally finding information you could use? Or is accidental finding of information out of date anyway?

Businessweek has put together a special report on Web2.0 for CEO’s. So if you’re wondering what all the 2.0 hoo-ha is, this is the place to go (a part I really liked was the interview with a VC, you can find it here).


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