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What a weird day today. A year ago today, 52 people got killed in the 7/7 bombings in London. I remember that day very vividly, it was just so surreal. And this morning on the tube, it was eery. The free newspaper, Metro, had photos of dead people on the cover, and people were reading that ON the Tube. Again I was struck by the senseless-ness of it all. And how short life is sometimes. My thoughts are with the victims’ families and all those affected by this tragedy.

Product_09Life moves on and next thing I know, my thoughts are filled with trivia again. For my internship, I had to go out today and buy loads of stuff to use
as stimulus in a workshop next week. My kinda job, getting paid to
shop! As I was browsing a supermarket (that was more for lunch by the
way, but I figured it might be interesting to see if they had some
stuff I could use), I saw these sauces by a company called ‘Look What We Found‘.
I love the name, the sauces looked awesome, aren’t too pricey (£3.99
per pack), and I think the packaging is brilliantly done. Plus they have that word-of-mouth quality, something your friends would say (‘oh, look what i’ve found!’). Next
dinnerparty, I’m going to have to give them a testdrive.

Oh, I wish the British Postal Service implements this soon!!! No more email, all my correspondence would go through snail mail ;-)

I subscribe to about 200 feeds on Bloglines, so there’s always something interesting to read. Sometimes, though, stories come in that leave me shaking my head. Here are some examples.

There’s this one, on the Church of the Customer blog, a post about how big companies sometimes COMPLETELY be utter idiots when it comes to blogs and Web2.0 technology. A blogger writes about an upcoming film in a positive way, generating buzz, posts a picture and then gets summoned to take the image dwn by the company. Hello… wake up call. This guy was doing you a favor. Without you having to pay or prompt him. Because he’s a fan, an evangelist. And then you slap him in the face? Ouch.

Who knew that good old GE was into developing Web2.0 applications? Well, I suspect they’re not, but they have created this awesome online collaboration tool. You can use it with others to work on designs, and it is incredibly nifty, my favourite feature being the chat function that goes with it. This means you can chat at the same time you’re creating something on the workscreen. Try it out, preferably with a friend so you can see the full thing in action. Doodling… I love it! Now, if they only add functionality so you can import images, that would make this a supertool.


5 thoughts on “Look what we found!

  1. I also thought it was eerie travelling on the tube on 7/7 with everyone reading about it in the papers.

  2. Hi, I’m a big fan (from Thailand) of your blog. I’ve been reading your blog quietly for nearly a year. By the way, it’s good that you love Thai food and ‘re also interested in Thai cooking.
    If you have a chance to come to Thailand, you can let me know, I’m happy to show you around.
    Have a good day and enjoy your intership experience.

  3. RsR: hahahahahaha… so you liked my cooking last time?
    Giftsan: thank you! Going to Thailand is definitely on my wishlist, but for now that remains a dream… Warmest greetings.

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