No reason to be grumpy

Afb0037… but I am grumpy. I suppose having a headcold and trying to move to a different country trying to not have to charter a plane for all my stuff is not really agreeing with me. I foolishly threw away my kleenex yesterday and today I’m in desperate need of them. So I’m resorting to Starbucks napkins. Somehow I get the feeling that they were not designed to blow your nose with ;-)

Besides the headcold and the move, I’m doing alright. I think. There are so many things going on at the moment, that I’m finding it hard to sit down and think about what’s going on and how I’m doing. The most urgent things get done, and everything else seems to be shifting to the background. Hopefully, with a few days off at my parents, I should get a little R&R, and be ready and refreshed for NY.

Good news too: congrats to KV for landing a fulltime offer, well done amigo, I’m so happy for you!


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