The city that never sleeps

Big_apple_closeup And I slept my eyeballs out! I hadn’t realised exactly how tired I was (which explains the grumpiness of the last few weeks), the last few months have been quite hectic, all through my own doing, I admit that freely. I took on a little too much to handle and I didn’t realise it till it was too late (mental note to self: plan a little more free time in the weekends!). With the internship and traveling or having visitors every weekend, I was left with little time to reflect and sit back, and I’ve made a few stupid mistakes because of that. Ah well. Lesson learned.

Today’s my first day of school at Stern, and I’m excited about being a student again. The course I’m taking looks really interesting (Entrepreneurial Finance) and I’m curious to see what the courses here are like compared to LBS. I’ve settled in nicely, the housing situation is sorted, and I’ve done some of the essentials (get a mobile phone, oh sorry, I should say cell phone now, check in at the Office for International Students to be bored to no end about visa requirements, meet up with other exchange students and friends and visit 5 supermarkets in 5 days!). And I’ve slept. And slept and slept. So now I’m ready and rearing to go!


3 thoughts on “The city that never sleeps

  1. That explains the lack of posts over the last few days. Glad to hear your feeling better. Looking forward to hearing about the experience – both online and off.

  2. Futureguru: I know… someone slap me. I think what I mean is that I shouldn’t plan every weekend to the brim with activities ;-)

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