Humble pie

Just re-read my post from earlier today, and I think it’s time to eat some humble pie. I’ve started to do what I so dislike about people (and mostly in myself): I’ve started moaning about how everything is always better somewhere else. Preferably somewhere to which I’m used to. But that wasn’t the object of coming to a different place, to compare and contrast and find fault. The object, at least for me, in coming to NYC was to widen my horizons, and experience something different. And I conveniently forget that something new (a new country, a new language, a new situation) requires a stumble now and again, a little humility, and the realisation that new situations and people are scary, but possibly very worthwhile. The thing is, I won’t know if I try, get out of the comfort zone (oh, how I hate that expression) and experiment a little. I just hate feeling uncomfortable and out of my depth. And not going where I’m going. Or who I’m meeting. I’ll admit it: I’m a controlfreak. But I’m getting better at letting go. I think.

What triggered all this? A wonderful manifesto on Change This, called ‘Never the Same: How to create transformational experiences’, by Charles Halton. Check it out if you’re in need of a little mental shaking up.  Here’s a quote I love:

Embracing humility will give you freedom from this risk-crushing fear and will open you up to the wonderful vistas of creativity and change.

And best of all:

When you run out of things to say, quit talking.


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