Same language, completely different experience

Afb0342[on the left, a hotdog with sauerkraut from Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dog stand on Coney Island].

JeffD left a comment saying something to the effect of ‘it’s the same language, it can’t be that hard’, and to be honest, I sort of thought the same thing. But even though it’s the same language in both the UK and the US, there’s still a fair number of words/expressions/things that have me stumped. What, for instance, is bubble tea (they were out of it at the cafeteria, so I haven’t been able to try)? And what is french laundry? And why do they call the main course ‘entrees’ (which means ‘starter’ in French)? And what does a company called ‘Geico’ sell? It’s like being in a whole new country and city… hang on, I AM in a whole new country and city! And I’m loving it :-)

What I love about Stern is that it’s slap bang in the middle of the NYU ‘campus’ area. It’s not really a campus, but it feels that way and buzzes with energy. And there’s so many interesting stores around (including a Dean & Deluca… yummie!).

Afb0192Last Thursday my London housemate’s sister, who’s an artist, took a small group of us around Chelsea for gallery openings (there were at least 75 of them, of which we saw about 20… in 2 hours time!!), which was fabulous. If you like art and/or people watching, I can highly recommend trying to find the listings for gallery openings in Chelsea and coming along. Very very interesting.

On Friday, my co-exchange student from LBS and 2 other exchange students went to Coney Island, which was a bit deserted, but still very nice. The sun was out, the hotdogs (see top left) good and it was a great day to spend at the beach.

Yesterday, I trekked to the Whitney Museum of American Art, mainly to see the Edward Hopper paintings and I wasn’t disappointed. They did a great job in showing his drawings too, so you can see what happened before he painted the real thing.

Last, but not least, but for fear of sounding trite, it’s the 5th anniversary of September 11th today, and I watched (and shed a tear for so much unnecessary loss) the news of the memorials this morning. It’s strange being in New York on this day.


2 thoughts on “Same language, completely different experience

  1. Suzy, Bubble Tea (aka boba tea, tapioca tea, pearl tea) is an import from Asia (Taiwan). Big tapioca pearls are in the drink (tea, coffee, smoothie, etc) and as you drink from the american sized straw, you get a mouth full of these chewy morses. Drink and chew your desired flavor. Pretty good stuff. Definitely try it.
    Gieco is a company that sells insurances. They have a TV marketing campgian where a gecko (small lizard) w/ a proper British accents does the talking. It’s understandable you didn’t get it, cuz you don’t watch TV. American pop culture does include lots of TV references.
    Try the New York style pizza’s yet? hehe…

  2. -TVU: thanks! Bubble tea sounds intriguing, I’ll definitely give it a go.
    I have tried the NY style pizza’s, now I understand why my New York friends are raving about it (and complaining that you can’t get them in London) :-)

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