Spotted in the supermarket

Afb0363Chicken-feet. I’m not quite sure what to do with them though, I mean, I don’t have any recipes and couldn’t think of any, so I didn’t buy ‘em. But they were definitely worthy of a picture.

Last night I discovered that I’d only picked up the first half of the casepack that I need for my Entrepreneurial Finance course (which is going pretty well and is very interesting), so I trekked to the NYU bookstore again today. And discovered that I probably needed a couple more books for other courses (why they don’t have a checklist in the bookstore that you can tick off??), so there went another $240, which bought me a casepack, a CD rom, and 3 books (one book was a whopping $145, maybe I should reconsider my career choice and become a textbook writer!). One book that looks promising is ‘Truth, Lies and Advertising. The Art of Account Planning‘ by Jon Steel, which is supposed to be one of the best books in this field. I’ll keep you posted as I read it.

Summer has only just ended (weather wise, we’re still in summer in New York), and I’m already working on what I’ll be doing fulltime. I’m still undecided yet if I want to pursue an idea that I have for my own business, or if I want to go work for a company. Both have its own charms and I can’t decide between them, yet. But it can’t hurt to get my CV into shape, and keeping my eyes open for an opportunity.


5 thoughts on “Spotted in the supermarket

  1. Well, my casebooks at Columbia cost $370! And I still have to buy a 2 or 3 textbooks! Comparing this with our free LBS binders, I must say that I love LBS! :-)
    Oh! And another thing! I don’t know about NYU, but at CBS we have to pay to join clubs!! Imagine what this would have done to KV, if LBS had adopted the same policy… ;-)

  2. I know… I shelled out around $450 dollars for this semester… that’s more than I spent on books on all of my first year at LBS!
    Same here with the clubs, they make you pay money… If LBS had that, KV would be sooooo broke ;-)

  3. Suzy, I have a favor to ask of you regarding the application. Can you shoot me an email (tvu at UCI dot edu)? Muchas Gracias Amiga.

  4. You can cook some Thai salad (spicy dish) with the chicken feet. I believe they can cook some delicious soups with chicken feet in many Asian contries.
    Wow, goods to hear about your life in New York.

  5. TVU: mail is on its way
    Wasana: For Dutch people, the thought of eating chicken feet is very odd.. and I don’t know if I’m adventurous enough to try ;-)

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