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This is the coolest idea I’ve seen in a while… a company called Moo is offering calling cards/business cards (read up on your 19th century English novels if you can’t remember calling cards), made with your own Flickr images. How cool is that! And they’re using a nice Web2.0 interface (drag and drop all over the place). I’m in love. Now I just have to put up some more pics on my Flickr account and justify the $20 it will cost to print 100 cards! Check them out at (found through Techcrunch, which has some interesting comments on the original post, apparently not everyone likes it as much as I do). I think one reason I’m so interested in this (beyond the fact that I think it’s cool, and I think PY will probably think it’s cool), is my Entrepreneurial Finance course. We discuss cases twice a week, talking about questions such as ‘is the proposed business in this case a good investment?’, ‘what is a good valuation of this company?’, and of course ‘would you invest in this?’. So, do I think the $5 million that went into this company is money well spent? I dunno. I love the idea, I can see a lot of people loving the idea, but I have no clue (and don’t dare predict) if this will take off.


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