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Afb040_1Afb041Whoa… It’s been a while since I’ve put thoughts to paper (or this blog’s case fingers to keyboard), so time for some catching up, with lots of pictures this time and I’ll try and go down my list of pictures chronologically. Top left a treat for all my banker-friends in the MBA, pictures of Wall Street. We went there almost two weeks ago, to represent LBS at a Forte Foundation event which was held in Deutsche Bank, which was a blast, despite the organisation losing our boxes with leaflets!

Afb043To the left of this paragraph is one of the typical cubicles that in US office/schoolculture seem to be normal (this one is in our Graduate Reading Room). There are walls on three sides, and they are so high that you can’t see anything but walls. I’ve seen them in offices here as well. So the Dilbert cartoons are right… I always thought they were kinda exaggerated!

Afb045These are the birthday cakes that I bought to celebrate my birthday, they come from a place called Patissier on Union Square and were reasonably good. Shout out to FL, who’s birthday it is tomorrow, happy new year’s eve, sweetie!

Afb049This is a picture of the Nokia concept store, which just opened in New York. Because the US is not on the GSM network (and I reckon because you also pay to receive calls), the mobile phones here aren’t as advanced on the whole as in Europe. So I went to the store to get my fix, and check out in the flesh my favourite phone: the N93, which I would love to get once I get back to the UK (although if it were up to the sales staff I wouldn’t get it. The guy who helped me didn’t really help me and was very very snooty).

Dscf0010On the left the venue for the Washington MBA fair I attended last week, which was very good. The building (National Building Museum) was stunning, and light and airy, and the people very interesting. I tacked on two more days in Washington, and I enjoyed my time there (the National Gallery of Art goes in the top 3 of most beautiful museums), but I thought the city felt cold and empty and arrogant. Maybe I am becoming a New Yorker, at least for a little bit. I’ve heard that ‘real’ New Yorkers hate Washington, so I fit right in!

Afb052This photo is for JeffD (shout out to our correspondent in Japan!). At the Washington MBA fair Brandeis was right next to us! So I couldn’t NOT take a picture to show to JeffD. The strangest thing happened on the way to the fair (yes, this is what the title of this post was alluding to… and yes, I am saving the best for last). I was sitting in the train, minding my own business, reading up on my Advertising Management textbook as a stranger sat opposite me. We got chatting and he looked kinda familiar, but I couldn’t place him. It didn’t take us long though to figure out that we knew each other! It was Alex, who interviewed me for Wharton, and who’s a legend in the MBA blogosphere (now with Clear Admit)!! We had a nice chat on the way down, and obviously I had to blog about this ;-) !! Great to meet you Alex!


4 thoughts on “Chance meeting

  1. One correction, US is on the GSM network but yes, generally speaking, the US mobile phone market is 6 months behind.

  2. Having arrived in Japan in September I can second what Moe said. With the addendum that Japan is probably six months ahead of the curve. My friends phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, free mail and web browsing, can trim and chop a mackerel, etc.
    Suzy, that is quite the coincidence! I’m guessing you met Gerard, as Holly (the dean of admissions) is in India right now. They were here in Tokyo on Sept 7th (five days before I arrived) or we would have been participating in the event here.
    And a late happy birthday to you. I still have several years on you, which should help to keep you feeling young and spry.
    It seems like you are enjoying New York. I know class is busy, but throw us the occasional tidbit!

  3. Thanks Moe, I didn’t know that the US is also on GSM… I always thought they went with another standard?
    FL: you’re welcome!
    JeffD: Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet any of the Brandeis people, they were quite late setting up, and the whole thing was quite busy. I was on my feet chatting and listening for 4 hours straight! Will do my best to throw out the occasional tidbit!

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