Au… (Dutch for my back is aching)

Afb050 Next time I have a brilliant idea like this, someone slap me! I thought it would be very good (following the mens sana in corpora (corporo? My Latin ain’t what it used to be) sana paradigm) to sign up for a few exercise classes at Stern. The gym is free for all students to use, and the classes only cost a nominal fee. So after a considerable time spent poring over the veritable mountain of options available (ranging from belly dancing to golf and tennis to obscure forms of aerobics), I decided on yoga and a combination pass for 5 different classes, which will allow me to go to any of them at any of the times they’re run. Brilliant idea. Very good price too. It all sounded so good…. anw now I’m aching. Badly. Yesterday was yoga, which I instantly loved and couldn’t get enough off (although it was slightly frustrating not being good at something, but I figure I have to get used to that sooner rather than later), and today I decided to go to Pilates (which I’ve done before so I figure it couldn’t be that bad). And now I’m aching in places I didn’t even know I had muscles! That’ll teach me ;-)

SmallcoverSince the object of the healthy body was to house a healthy mind, I went to a lecture/discussion last week (with RsR) by Chris Anderson, writer of The Long Tail. It was held at the New York Public Library, which was a very grand setting, and the talk itself was very amusing and interesting. The premise is that with the advent of the internet, and less reliance on physical inventories, companies are selling more and more of the so called Long-Tail-products, or the non-hits. Availability of more products, and the ability to find those products (for instance with the help of recommendations) can make niches very profitable, and I thought the idea in the book were very interesting. Companies like Amazon, Netflix and iTunes were examples mentioned, and if you haven’t read the book yet, I can highly recommend putting it on your wishlist/christmas list, and checking out the blog in the meantime. It was a memorable occasion for me in another sense too: it was the first time I got a book signed. I own a few signed books, but I never had one signed myself (yes, I know, that’s kinda odd for a bookhistorian).

Other news from the New York front: I’ve finished my shadowing, typed up my shadowing observations, printed them, got them bound and found a friendly Fedex person to ship it to me. Pfiew. The shadowing itself was a great experience for me, but the report kinda odd. I mean, how much is there to say about a manager’s leadership style? Not 12 pages for me. But all in all, I was pretty happy with my experience.

Stern is starting to keep me busy too: my Entrepreneurial Finance has assignments (small ones, but still) to be handed in, I’ve missed a few Advertising Managment classes due to my shadowing so I’m trying to catch up and New Product Development started two weeks ago, and is proving very interesting (a bit of an extension of the innovation work I did over the summer), and a lot of reading. Talking about New Product Development, Miss M (my fellow LBS partner in crime here at Stern this term) and I went to the lunch and learn session with the brand manager of 100 Calorie Packs from Kraft. Very interesting idea, and I thought it was nice to hear the ‘real’ world example.


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