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My_girlMy favourite course at Stern this term is called Advertising Management, taught by prof Green. He’s a very experienced ad-man, and is passionate about what he teaches, which make his classes fun, interesting and insightful. What I particularly love, is that he uses a clear framework to go through the course, so that everything you’re learning in individual lectures makes sense in the bigger picture. He runs through

  • ‘why should you advertise (should you advertise?)’,
  • ‘who are you advertising to’,
  • ‘where and when can you reach them’,
  • ‘what do we say to them’,
  • ‘how do we say it’ and finally
  • ‘how do we know how it worked?

The companion text is Jon Steel’s Truth, Lies and Advertising : The Art of Account Planning, which is written in an easy style with lots of humour, and most of all lots of insight into the function of planning. I can highly recommend it if you’re interested in advertising or marketing in general. (And he’s got a new book out, which is rumoured to be very good too, it’s on my to-read list).

Some more sources of information I’ve found really interesting with regards to advertising and marketing:
* David Ogilvy’s Ogilvy on Advertising, irreverent look at someone who really knows his advertising stuff (any b-school library will have a copy of this book)
* Advertising Age magazine (in US, but have a good online version (which has just released it’s Marketing 50, the 50 best marketing ideas (in the US of course) of the past year, for the PDF, check this link)
* Russell Davies’ blog (one of my favourite reads on my RSS feeds). He’s a planner, and writes about planning, advertising and general cool stuff. Highly recommended.
* Wieden + Kennedy London’s blog, an candid look at what goes on inside an ad agency
* Brand Republic, UK magazine for marketers
* Adcritic.com, does what is says on the tin
* Fallon Planning Blog, from the bright minds at Fallon
And not exactly marketing or advertising, but very interesting
* Springwise, which is a trend-spotting blog, I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff on here, definitely worth a spot on your RSS feed list.

So, where does the milk come into this whole story? (the title to this post is the tagline to one of the Netherlands’ most succesful ad campaigns, promoting milk) In his book, Jon Steel mentions the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign in California which he worked on. And that got me thinking. We had a similar campaign to promote the consumption of milk in the late 80s and early 90s in the Netherlands. So thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I found the original ad (see below). To this day I can’t hear this song without thinking about this campaign!

[edit on Nov 17th: this came in on my RSS feeds today: Russell Davies has interviewed Jon Steel about his new book, you can find it here.]


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