Let’s rock and roll!

BarneyballoonQuick post, since I’m running around trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and to finish two big assignments due on Monday. On the list of things to do: clean the house for my friend who’s coming (check), watch the obligatory ‘how-not-to-fight-with-your-inlaws’ and ‘how not to overeat on turkey’ segments on breakfast news (check), go to Macy’s for a pre-parade briefing (check). Yep, that’s right, Miss M, H and I be helping out with the world-famous (well, at least in the US) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I’m very much looking forward to it, it promises to be a blast! And about as American as apple pie and turkey on Thanksgiving ;-)

Check here to see quite how large this Parade is, and how much planning is involved, and where to find the best seat to see the whole thing.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


3 thoughts on “Let’s rock and roll!

  1. Madmoiselle N!
    When you do something it sounds like you do it right! Hope you’re enjoying being part of an American Thanksgiving institution. I also hope you get a chance to get out for the deals (and the madness) that is Black Friday.

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