Lots of pictures

For a while, my bluetooth connection between my phone and my laptop didn’t work, and I couldn’t upload any of my pictures. I got it sorted out, so here’s a bunch of my pictures.

Afb0011Afb018I love these! How to make a fairly boring product interesting on a supermarket shelf.

Afb004_1Afb005_1Afb006The inside of the Seattle public library (no pics from the outside, it rained too hard) from when I was there. It’s designed by Rem Koolhaas, and although pretty ugly on the outside, it’s wonderful and very functional on the inside.

Afb008Afb0091Afb015_1From left to right: a cool truck, advertising an upcoming musical; leftovers of traditional American pancakes for breakfast; Union Square in San Francisco with my hotel on the left.


2 thoughts on “Lots of pictures

  1. hello,
    If you have compatibale phone then use ShoZu (www.ShoZu.com) to upload ur pictures and videos.

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