Please refrain from dancing

Afb007The Stern International Office were so kind to throw all the outgoing exchange students a drinks reception in a nice bar a few blocks from School on Thursday. And in that bar was the sign on the left. Apparently, New York has very peculiar liquor licences, where there are strict differences between clubs (where you CAN dance) and bars (where you CAN’T dance). But what I was wondering about is who’s enforcing this? I’ve not seen a policeman come into a bar and check whether anyone was dancing. And when is dancing dancing? Is tapping your foot dancing? How much of your body needs to move in order to qualify as dancing?

Afb004_2I’ve got 3 more exams and a small project left before I’m done with my academic work at Stern this semester, and I’ve slowly started to look around for Christmas gifts for my family. We will celebrate Sinterklaas (December 5th, which is when Dutch kids get gifts from Sinterklaas, a cousin of Santa and Father Christmas) at Christmas this year and when I saw the gift on the left I was so tempted to get it for my brother… but it won’t fit in my suitcase :-(

Today held a first for me: I had my first complete macrobiotic meal. Never had it before, was never really sure if I wanted to, but miss M and I went and tried it today. And it was good! I had vegetable tempura as a starter (*love* tempura!!) and pad thai for main course. Tasty, good and not very expensive: my kind of meal!


One thought on “Please refrain from dancing

  1. You better watch out…. (don’t remember the rest of the song), but you’re not the only one doing ‘wrong’ gifts!…

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