Afb0028One of the tendencies that I’m noticing in the US is how some people throw around -lize like it’s Sinterklaas candy. Verbalize and visualize I am used to, but it seems that every verb here can be -lized. Write-alize, threatenalize… I see a whole new class of words poppalizing up and wonder when they’ll materialize in the Oxford English Dictionary (or maybe they already have and I’m too old fashioned in my English and I should catch-up-alize).

Today I sat the last exam of 2006, Entrepreneurial Finance, which was probably also the hardest, since I missed a few classes and worked hard to catch up. And to be honest, mezzanine finance and leveraged buyouts and fulcrum securities don’t come naturally to me. But it’s done now and I’m a free woman again! Strangely enough exams are kinda cathartic, in a pseudo-sado-masochistic kinda way… It’s nice to have an official closure I suppose. Plus you never learn more than when prepping for an exam. And I’ve used my skills in lean-and-mean cribsheet making (I wonder how that will look on my CV) again, which was fun (yes, fun, I like making cribsheets)!

Big shout out to the R1 applicants (assuming that there are R1 applicants reading this), I know the decision is coming soon, hang in there, it’s tough having to wait, but it’s almost decision time! And for the R2s: good luck finishing the application!

[edit: thought about taking out the sado-masochistic, since I’ve been getting strange hits through Google, but didn’t. Type in cocaine and Amsterdam and I’m on the 4th page… And I’m the least likely source when it comes to either of those, let alone the combination!! Just realised that talking about this will probably boost my rankings again… rats. Doomed if I do, doomed if I don’t.]


3 thoughts on “Blogalize

  1. Hey girl,
    I am dead sure we were supposed to meet sometime! What happened to that! I just remembered :)
    Ping me sometime…

  2. Hello!!….i am an aspiring LBS student and thats why i was on the LBS page….when i saw the link to read LBS blogs i had to read it….let me tell u that you have written some fantastic blogs and the way in which you have organised ur blogs is mind blowing. Your blogs especially ‘Blogalise’ not only gives info but also is an interesting read….Keep posting!!

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