Life in New York is just so real

Afb029Spotted on Fifth Avenue: Life in New York is just so real. And I think that sort of sums up my experience: my life in New York was so real too! Following RsR’s lead, I also feel the need to write down a short review of my time in New York.

* NYC itself. What a fabulous city. I love the energy, the city really truly never sleeps, I love the museums (see left for a phone photo from the Guggenheim which I visited the other day), the shops, the street life… London is still the love of my city-life (well, after my hometown that is), but I’ve fallen in love with New YorkAfb013
* Advertising Management course, which was well taught and I learned so much. Never knew that advertising could be so interesting!
* Travel. I had the opportunity to go to Washington, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco and I loved all of them, albeit in different ways. If I had to choose, I would say that Seattle was my favourite this time around.
* Being in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!
* The time I had to take a step back and think about what I want to do career-wise and life-wise. Being on a different continent helped me get my head straight in a number of areas.

* the Subway… well, that’s kind of a mixed bag. It’s dirty and takes forever to get somewhere and the trains at night are very infrequent. BUT: it’s cheap and runs through the night (Ken Livingstone: idea for London?)
* the food. Although I’ve had some really nice food in the US and New York, I think that overall the quality and availability of good and relatively cheap food is better in Europe

All in all, I am soooo glad I did the exchange. It was one of the reasons I choose to go to LBS, and like the rest of my MBA experience it was wonderful in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I would highly recommend an exchange if your MBA offers it. It will open your mind and adds a nice icing on the MBA cake.

I’m on my last few hours in New York. Done with the xmas shopping (all that’s left now is to find something to read on the plane), done with academics. Tonight we’re meeting up with a few people for dinner, and then tomorrow it’s off home to my parents. There might be snag there though, since I’m traveling on BA via London to Amsterdam. And fog is keeping planes on the ground in London. So everyone send me good travelkarma so I can be home for Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very merry and peaceful Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Life in New York is just so real

  1. “Washington, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Seattle and San Francisco” … i remember seeing you in Chicago ;-) :-)
    Merry Christmas and a fab 007, Miss N. Cheerio!

  2. Al: hope you love the place as much as I did! Best wishes for 2007!
    PY: oh, sweetie, how could I forget Chicago? I had a blast! Find me on Facebook and there’s some nice pics of us ;-))

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