Let’s dance the night away

Peter_swan_lake_1_wcap_lo [anyway know this song by the Mavericks? It’s probably not very cool to say this, but I love this song. It reminds me of good times.]

One of the projects I’m currently working on is related to dance, and being a complete and utter dance novice (apart from loving to dance myself) I’ve decided to snag the last ticket to tonights Sadler’s Wells Sampled night, which brings together a wide variety of dance. And the cool thing is, you can see it too! If you go here, you can see video of tonight’s performances (starts at 7.30pm UK time). It promises to be cool and I’m so looking forward to it. This is tonight’s line up:

Emanuel Gat Winter Voyage (contemporary dance)
American Ballet Theatre Black Swan pas de deux (ballet)
Jasmin Vardimon extract from Justitia (dance theatre)
YEGAM Theatre Company Extract from Jump
(martial arts)
Eva Yerbabuena (flamenco)
Franck II Louise Drop It (hip hop)


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