Men in tights

Afb041_2Who knew men in tights could be so interesting? I know, I know, millions of people know, but somehow I didn’t catch onto dance (looking at it, not doing it myself) til this past Sunday, but I’m loving it! I went to Sadler’s Wells, which is London’s premier dance theatre, to their Sampled night, which offered 6 short pieces of different types of dance. I saw contemporary, flamenco, ballet, hiphop, theatre dance and martial arts, and I was bowled over, particularly with the ballet, the hiphop and the contemporary. I love art because it offers you a window to another world, a whole different dimension away from the day to day hustle and bustle and reminds me that there is more to life than running around like a headless chicken, handing in assignments and flathunting. It’s easy to get dragged into these nitty gritty things and art pulls me out of that. For me, the seductiveness of art lies in transporting me, reminding me of possibilities and holding up a mirror.

‘Normal’ life is busy as ever. I’m helping out on the Marketing Club website (check it out at, flathunting is taking up too much of my time (I don’t for the life of me understand why this process in London is so terribly inefficient, there is a huge business opportunity for a company that gets it right), I’m working on our New Venture Development project (something I’m very excited about and would *love* to put into real life, we’re writing a businessplan for a venture very dear to my heart and last night’s class we talked about the Multimap case), I’m working on my 2nd year project and looking for jobs. All at the same time. Plus, this Saturday I’m helping out at the LBS Open House (if you’re looking for a good opp to come and see the school, this is it!) this Saturday. What can I say, I have a hard time saying no ;-)

LBS R2 interview invites will go out later on this week, good luck to everyone who’s waiting!


One thought on “Men in tights

  1. Embrace the no on occassion!
    Oh and the flat rental market is definitely one that could use a revolution. What do you call 1000 estate agents at the bottom of the river…

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