Let it snow, let it snow

Afb0012_1So this is what the view from the S1 lounge at LBS looking in Regent’s Park looked like today. Nice and sunny day, tad on the chilly side. Tomorrow, this will make a very different picture (more like this and this): there’s a weather alert out for 3-15 cms of snow! And this on the day that we’re supposed to go have a look at 5 flats in with 3 different estate agents, the day I’m supposed to meet up with some very cool people I met a few days ago, the day we celebrate Sundowners… oh boy, let’s hope the snow’s not too bad and that all Londoners will have an easy time getting into work and school. I’ll try and get some snow-filled pictures tomorrow.

Afb0062Today I saw this issue of Time Out magazine in the supermarket and couldn’t help but get it: the cheap eats issue! To my great surprise, one of the restaurants featured is our very own Ali Baba, on Ivor Place, every LBS student’s favourite post-Sundowners hangout! It’s described as ‘Egyptian restaurant with attentive service, good fresh food and pocket-pleasing prices’, which is sort of true I suppose. The kebabs and schawarma (shoarma for Dutch people) are reasonable and definitely very cheap.

All that’s left is to introduce Ed, the fabulous latest addition to the ranks of MBA2008 bloggers! Here’s looking at you kid!

PS If you’re still interested in coming to our upcoming Open House, I’m sorry, but I heard today the registration has closed, there were so many signups that we just can’t fit any more in!


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