20060208_sneeuw_2So the snow came. And is still falling, although it’s now halfway between snow and rain. And it was a white world this morning, but luckily, it wasn’t too bad for me (apart from literally hugging a tree to keep myself from sliding down a hill). I was at my appointments on time and it was fun seeing London all covered in white (which by now has turned into grey sludge).

And of course, someone is using snow as an advertising opportunity! See top left, these were made in Munich, but would work anywhere else, I reckon they’re brilliant! [found at MarketingFacts]


3 thoughts on “Snowvertising

  1. The sludge gets really slippery, almost fell 3 three times…Funnily enough i took the trains in NL a number of times and the whole landscape was covered in white, like a fairytale. Yet the trains ran on schedule, no problem. Here, even the underground starts reeking under just 5 cm of snow. London’s transport …oofff..Glad to know u r back.

  2. -tvu: I know, the snow is lovely (especially when you don’t have to go out!)
    P: glad to be back! People b**ch about the NS, but I reckon they do a pretty good job. I once took a train from Groningen to Hilversum in 8 inches of snow and blizzards without even a minute delay.

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