Supply and demand

Afb0152On my way home from a meeting today I saw this: a truck selling flowers under a railway bridge. And the truck wasn’t there the last two times I past that spot I think the idea was ‘you’re on your way home, forgot about Valentine’s day this morning, and now need to make up for it and where will I get flowers this late…’. Brilliant. Pure supply and demand. I didn’t check prices, but I’m guessing they were on the pricey side. I suppose economics are really simple.

Afb0003Even though I’m Dutch (or maybe because I’m Dutch) I would actually prefer the dudes on the left for a Valentine’s gift as opposed to flowers :-) England is gearing up for Red Nose Day on March 16th, which is a comic relief action to raise money for charity. Very good idea: have fun and raise money. And walk around with furry tennisballs with sunglasses (no sexual innunendo intended).

This week I battled one of my infamous English colds which made life a bit uncomfortable the past few days and ensured that all activity was brought down to a slow trickle. But I’m back in sort of full swing again, with tomorrow a free facial reflexology session (courtesy of the MBA Office, thanks!), prepping for Friday’s Leading Teams and Organisations day, Sundowners followed by dinner with my best girlfriends in the MBA. Looks like it’ll be a smashing day!


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