Week 6 already!

Afb0084I set a record this morning. Or technically I didn’t, but the rollercoaster bus driver did. What normally takes around 20-25 minutes by bus from Finchley Road to LBS took 12 minutes this morning. The woman who sat next to me shrieked with fear everytime he slammed the breaks and I’m pretty sure I heard the guy behind me say he was going to report the guy. As you can tell by me writing this down, this is actually kind of an anomaly: normally I’m quite impressed with public transport in London. It’s kinda clean, efficient and gets you everywhere you wanna go without making the hairs at the back of your neck stand on end. Guess this driver had a bad morning.

I had a pretty good morning myself. Wally Olins’ course finished last week and this week Prof George Day’s Product Innovation course started and I liked it because it was relevant (tied into the bigger corporate or business unit strategy) and practical. This is my cuppa tea!

Last Friday we had the third day of Leading Teams and Organisations, which turns out to be quite interesting as well. As with all Org Behaviour courses, it is sometimes hard to quantify what you learn, but boy am I learning. About good and bad conflict, about leadership styles, about how to apply theories in practice. Highly practical, highly relevant to anyone who’s leading a team and highly recommended.

Tonight saw the 6th class of New Venture Development, where we had to give an interim presention our business idea. It went reasonably well, I was pretty pleased. We’re still not there in terms of business plan, but I’m happy to see the idea withstands robust scrutiny and I’m still very excited about it.

Facial reflexology turned out to be magic last Thursday, just what I needed. I’m already saving up to get the full treatment!

PS So I’m developing a real liking for ballet, I went to Sadler’s Wells again last night, this time with two friends to watch the American Ballet Theatre. And it rocked! I’ve discovered that my taste is more contemporary than classical and that I want to see the whole Swan Lake.


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