Music makes all the difference!

A191Although I am happy to report that this blogpost comes from the centre of the LBS blogging universe, I’m ever happier to say that tomorrow sees the day that I’ve been waiting for since I’ve returned from New York: I’m moving into my own place! I’ll be sharing our batcherlorette-two-bed-pad with the cool miss M and two of the coolest chairs I’ve seen in ages which I bought at auction yesterday. They look like they might be Gispen (a Dutch designfirm), but even if they’re not, they were a steal at £45 each and I’m very pleased with them.

Today was a tough day in my MBA life, it ran from 9am to 9pm pretty much straight. I ran around like mad, trying to think innovating thoughts in Prof Day‘s Product Innovation course, trying to stay focussed in Nike’s on campus presentation and trying to pick my jaw up off the floor after meeting the CEO of Friends Reunited, who came and spoke at tonight’s NVD class and was very impressive. But the best thing of the day happened after class. I got talking to an Argentinian classmate of mine and we stumbled on the topic of tango and how much we both loved it, and how Astor Piazolla is a virtuoso, and then we listened to some of his songs. In a by this time completely deserted lecture theatre 9 and it was absolutely magic and slightly surreal. These are the moments that make everything alright. Life is good. And even better with some Piazolla in it!


4 thoughts on “Music makes all the difference!

  1. Looking forward to it. I jogged to your neighbourhood library yesterday (only took me less than 10 mins) and found this great little book store a few shops away. The library is great too, with very friendly librarians. I think you would love your new ‘hood.
    BTW, just sign up at BrandRepublic. Really love his piece on my favourite coffee house…

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